Change doesn’t happen overnight. Change doesn’t happen by sitting and hoping. Change happens by working for it, getting up at miserable hours, suffering through pain, and showing that you care! 

I am no where near where I would like to be with my political involvement, but I am making big baby steps to be closer to where I want to be!

On February 21st 2019, I testified against the Extreme Risk Protection Order bill at the Colorado State Capitol to the state representatives. It was a long 12 hours at the capitol, and boy did I regret wearing heels. The bill was introduced in hopes to help prevent suicide, but as someone who has had depression and suicide effect my life, I found many flaws in the “suicide prevention” aspect of the bill. 

Here is my testimony from that day.


After HB19-1177 passed through the House of Representatives, I attended the senate hearing for the bill as well. This time I spoke out about the fact the broadness of people that can file for an ERPO is terrifying. For instance, a deranged roommate who made your life a living hell, could petition for an ERPO and have your firearms removed. NOT COOL!

This testimony was a bit messy due to the fact it was written while I was waiting to testify, while also typing my final paper for my American Government class. No excuses, just results. 


On March 6, 2019 Weld County in Colorado became the first second amendment sanctuary county in Colorado. It was a unanimous vote, 5-0, with the support of the county sheriff, Steve Reams. I was a resident of Weld County for 18 years and this was very special to me. Pictured is me personally thanking the county commissioners and sheriff Reams for choosing to protect our Second Amendment rights.